Howto implement google universal analytics to your WordPress

First of all you need to transfer your google property
from analytics to universal analytics
Go to analytics and to your admin panel
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full automatically retweeting at twitter

Many people ask how other twitter users can have so many updates a day. Do they have nothing else to do, only tweeting.

In my article”Combine twitter, friendfeed, twitterfeed and RSS” I described how to bring your blog or webpage articles automatically in twitter. Today I will show how to automatically retweet articles.

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Today I tried the new search engine beta from Microsoft. Something really special happened. Since my tries I don’t know who I am anymore. First I searched for one of my best buddies, his name is Boris Wollny and see what sent me as the picture result.
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digg stops shouting

Since today digg doesn’t allow shouting anymore. What was a “shout” ? If you submitted an article or you find a good article at digg you could share this article with your friends. For sharing the article you sent a “shout” to them. If you wanted to communicate with one of your friends you could sent him a “shout” (message).

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