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MYSPACE – human trafficking at TAGME plugin?

I started using the TAGME plugin a couple month ago. It was really fun to tag your friends and other people with nice tags. You can decide that TAGME puts a tag cloud on your myspace page with the tags … Continue reading

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“Internet will make the journalism better”

that is what Mr. Mathias Döpfner, head of the Axel Springer publishing empire, said today in an interview. The whole article in German here I don’t think that Internet makes journalism better. There was always good journalism and bad … Continue reading

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Garbage can fashion – dress your garbage can

Dress your garbage can – It´s one of the greatest business ideas I have heard lately. I now this has nothing to do with Web 2.0 , communication and social networks but I think this subject is worth to write … Continue reading

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Combine twitter, friendfeed, twitterfeed and RSS

Many people ask how they can get a high frequency of tweets for and feeds for In the same time they don´t know how to promote the own blog. The easiest way is to combine all services. At … Continue reading

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