Business model – Telephony for free ?

Just imagine that were ever you are, you lift the receiver or you take your mobile phone and every call world wide is for free.
From my point of view itś absolutely possible. In this article Iĺl explain how it could work, why no phone company will back this idea and how a none phone company can make good business with this idea.

For sure no phone company will like the idea “cost free phone calls” all over the world. So they will keep up selling classic telephony were you have flat rates or you have to pay per minutes until somebody else will provide cost free phone calls. But the question is how to make money with cost free phone calls. You need to build up the biggest phone book of the world. Cause there is something you always will need and that’s a company who will connect the calls. Okay for example take AOL. I think they have around 10 Mio customers. If  AOL would present every customer a free phone and says only for the connect service everybody need to pay 3 $ a month they would get 30 Mio $ a month. OK now they would have a phone book with 10 Mio customers with more than 10 Mio numbers. After this AOL offers everybody this service cause the service is independent of any phone company or Internet provider and the classic calls are free of charge.
Let us make it clear from the start: the technique behind this can only be IP telephony. But whatś the difference between this idea and the IP telephony of today ? This business model itś not about IP telephony this business model based on the idea of the biggest phone book of the world and the connection service. If you use IP telephony today you still pay like in the classic telephony and itś not cost free. And itś stupid cause you pay for the data transfer and the phone calls and Voice over IP is only data transfer. So why paying for the calls ?
So for example if you are customer of the “German Telekom” you can have your broadband Internet connection there but you get the connection service from AOL so you don’t need to buy any telephone service from “German Telekom”.
And you can put more and more services on this idea. For example : if you would have a big company like Cisco for producing the phones you can make a setup like “where ever you login at a phone world wide you have the same setup like at home”. Your phone number memory will be the same. The keys on the phone will have the same function and so on.

How it works :
Itś a simple idea. Using dynamic dns (domain name service) like dyndns is doing it. Going a head with example for AOL, You setup a server for dynamic dns with the basic domain Now you can generate sub domains like If numbers don’t work you make a translation in the phone software. like a=1, b=2 .. etc so you can do something like
Now you have a unique domain. If somebody using the service connecting to the Internet with the phone, the phone will get exactly this domain/number which belongs to this person. And if you put a good database behind it you can save the home phone configuration so it will be delivered to the phone a person is logging in. The user only need to use the phone number not the full domain name. The basic domain is configured in the phone and the phone adds the number to the basic domain to have the full domain name. So you have the perfect situation. You are using a regular phone not a computer, you have a normal phone number not a nickname and you have no costs only the 3 $ for the connection service.
The same is working with a mobile phone were you have Internet flat rate too. The only thing to do is developing the software.

By the way to get special numbers like 0000001 can be auctioned.

I have this idea since 6 years and I think itś still a good business idea. Leave me comments with your opinion

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