Wolfram Alpha is alive!

Since last day/night Wolfram Alpha is alive.  The big question about Wolfram Alpha was if this engine can outclass google. This morning I made my own first experiences with Wolfram Alpha. My first impression is that google and Wolfram Alpha are completely different. The following article will show my first attempts and the results.

After my first three questions to Wolfram Alpha I was totally disappointed about Wolfram Alpha.  Sure I handled Wolfram Alpha like google and I believe everybody will do that by the first try.  So my first question was

“cheapest mp3 player”

here the answer of  Wolfram Alpha
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With the subway to Google, Twitter, Facebook & CO

trend_map_2009_1Today I saw a interesting map on the page of informationarchitects.jp. The WEB Trend Map 2009. This japanese company publishes every year this map with the most important Internet domains and the most important Internet personalities. The nice idea was to map the domains and personalities on a map of the Tokyo subway system.
This year they mapped the 333 most important domains and the 111 most important personalities.

How to read the map:
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MYSPACE – human trafficking at TAGME plugin?

I started using the TAGME plugin a couple month ago. It was really fun to tag your friends and other people
with nice tags. You can decide that TAGME puts a tag cloud on your myspace page with the tags you get. For tagging they offer a kind of tag cloud where you can pick your tag for somebody or you can make a own one. See the example:
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“Internet will make the journalism better”

that is what Mr. Mathias Döpfner, head of the Axel Springer publishing empire, said today in an interview.
The whole article in German here www.welt.de

I don’t think that Internet makes journalism better. There was always good journalism and bad journalism. There will always be people how want to read the junk stuff and there are always people who want to read professional researched articles.
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