full automatically retweeting at twitter

Many people ask how other twitter users can have so many updates a day. Do they have nothing else to do, only tweeting.

In my article”Combine twitter, friendfeed, twitterfeed and RSS” I described how to bring your blog or webpage articles automatically in twitter. Today I will show how to automatically retweet articles.

Retweet followers

First you need to define from which follower you want to re tweet the tweets. Use a follower who doesn’t tweet to much private stuff. Ok in this example we wanna re tweet the tweets of NBA.

First you need a fresh friendfeed account and you should have an twitterfeed account.

So login to twitter and find the page of your selected follower.


Down right you can find the RSS feed of your follower.


Use your right button of your mouse and “copy the link location”. Open your friendfeed account and go to the friendfeed services page. Select “blog”


Paste the copied link into the app.


Now you have the RSS Feed in friendfeed.


OK next step we need to bring friendfeed back to twitter.

On your friendfeed page you have also the possibility to copy with right mouse button the Link Location of your friendfeed RSS feed.


Now go to your twitterfeed account and setup a new feed like here


OK that’s it. After a while twitterfeed should start sending the friendfeed rss feed to twitter. see here


Oh you will ask ” Why the turn over friendfeed” here the answer


Now you will re tweet the last 5 tweets from your follower every 30 minutes.

Maybe you don’t want to re tweet from a follower. You want to retweet by content.

retweet from a twitter search

Re tweet from a search works similar to the retweet of a follower. The one difference is that you don need to make the turn over friendfeed. Maybe after this article twitter will change it but than you can do it over friendfeed too.

OK, go to your twitter account and do a search. Here in the example itś “social media”


Save the search and copy with your right mouse button the link location from the RSS feed again.


Now you can go directly to twitterfeed. And setup the feed re tweet.


That’s it. A small advice don’t use a rarely used term in your search cause in the next updated your will re tweet your own re tweet. You built a loop. From one re tweet to the next re tweet their must be more than 5 new results in the search.

Here the retweet result



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5 Responses to full automatically retweeting at twitter

  1. Ingrid says:

    This works good as far as retweeting a user, but how do you get rid of the YOU that friendfeed puts in the atom feed?

  2. Matt says:

    This inserts a space between your prefix text and the username of the tweeter so the @username doesn’t get recognised as a link. Anyone know a way to fix that?

  3. This is a great post. Thank you for sharing this informative post.

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  5. Ganna says:

    If we talk about automatic retweeting – I think there is up-to-date free automatic retweet service – RoundTeam – http://roundteam.co. It took me only 2 mins to set it up!

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