digg stops shouting

Since today digg doesn’t allow shouting anymore. What was a “shout” ? If you submitted an article or you find a good article at digg you could share this article with your friends. For sharing the article you sent a “shout” to them. If you wanted to communicate with one of your friends you could sent him a “shout” (message).

Now you nearly have no possibility to communicate with your friends directly over digg. I don’t know why digg stopped this and I think this will make digg a little more uninteresting. The most people have not the time to read all the articles at digg to find the real interesting articles. So it was a big advantage if some of your friends who has nearly the same interests send you a recommendation.

Instead of shouting, digg has two new functions. You can share your articles directly over facebook and twitter. But that makes no sense cause the most people share their articles over the other social media channels anyway.

Maybe many user of digg will change to propeller or mixx or similar news portals.

I hope digg will allow shouting again otherwise I ĺl decide the next days what Iĺl do.

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2 Responses to digg stops shouting

  1. Zybch says:

    This will go a LONG way to help stop digg being as ‘gamed’ as it currently is by the big users that keep getting their submissions dugg to the front page based on their large and mindless group of followers who will digg submissions blindly without even clicking on the story link.
    As for moving to other social sites, mixx.com is one of the best out there, with the feel digg once had before its entire userbase turned into blathering idiots.

  2. lilamae says:

    I’ve practically stopped digging. Now us Propeller dot com and reddit dot com and mixx dot com. Shouting was a convenience to share articles. I still share but work a little more. It’s still good. But I’ve noticed that digg dot com’s submitted articles have declined in quality since shouts ended.

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