“Internet will make the journalism better”

that is what Mr. Mathias Döpfner, head of the Axel Springer publishing empire, said today in an interview.
The whole article in German here www.welt.de

I don’t think that Internet makes journalism better. There was always good journalism and bad journalism. There will always be people how want to read the junk stuff and there are always people who want to read professional researched articles.

There is another question which is much more important. How will good journalism be payed in the future. Today you get the most short facts fast over the Internet with services like twitter and friendfeed. If you want to know more you can read the articles in online newspapers where you are not need to pay for. The profit over advertisement in newspapers is retrogressive.
Many people steal the professional news and post it to the Internet and make money with it. As I know there are no laws which stop this today.
Here in Germany we have an institution which is called GEMA. When ever you play music of GEMA members in public you need to pay to the GEMA.

From the web site of GEMA
“The object of the Foundation is to support needy composers, lyricists, music publishers and their relatives within the scope of tax regulations and to grant assistance to composers and lyricists by means of purpose-related training allowances, contributions to cover expenses related to their artistic activity and for musical productions, pilot competition projects and publications as well as by awarding prizes. ”

Do we need something similar for the journalists too and how should it work?.

What will happen if only a couple newspaper survive? We all know that newspapers can influence political, religios, economical and cultural movements.
So itś necessary to have many different views on facts and many different opinions to build a own opinion. From this point of view the risk of corruption can increase too. So we need the whole spectrum of newspapers in the future.

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