Wolfram Alpha is alive!

Since last day/night Wolfram Alpha is alive.  The big question about Wolfram Alpha was if this engine can outclass google. This morning I made my own first experiences with Wolfram Alpha. My first impression is that google and Wolfram Alpha are completely different. The following article will show my first attempts and the results.

After my first three questions to Wolfram Alpha I was totally disappointed about Wolfram Alpha.  Sure I handled Wolfram Alpha like google and I believe everybody will do that by the first try.  So my first question was

“cheapest mp3 player”

here the answer of  Wolfram Alpha


here the answer of google


Ok no result at Wolfram Alpha. Maybe I tried the wrong question so I asked

“buy cheap mp3 player”

The result of Wolfram Alpha


The result of google


Ok I was absolutley bemused. No answers at all from Wolfram Alpha. ..Good next try

“highest mountain of the world”

Answer of Wolfram Alpha


Answer of google


Still no answer. I was thinking “maybe the Wolfram Alpha engine is not running”. Ok for the next try took an easier expression and hoped that will work.

“California squirrel”

Here the answer of Wolfram Alpha


The answer of google


After this attempts it was clear that Wolfram Alpha is not a search engine like google and it will compete so far with the standard kind of search engines.

But what is Wolfram Alpha for? For the next attempts I tried a more scientifical basic approach.

easy question “20+40”

The answer of Wolfram Alpha


The answer of google


Wow an answer from Wolfram Alpha and this one is even with google. Ok it was an easy question. So I tried another mathimatical question.

“integral e”

Answer of Wolfram Alpha


Answer of google


And now we had the first question which was answered by Wolfram Alpha with much more quality than google did.

So I made my last attempt for this morning the question was

“Milky Way”

Now you get two answers from Wolfram Alpha

one is for the chocolate bar


and one for the galaxy


Answer of google

From google you get a mixture of everything


From the FAQś of Wolfram Alpha

Is Wolfram|Alpha a search engine?

No. It’s a computational knowledge engine: it generates output by doing computations from its own internal knowledge base, instead of searching the web and returning links.

It will take a while until people know how they will use Wolfram Alpha and what kind of information you will get from this engine. In long term view Wolfram Alpha is a powerful information tool and will have itś own place in the internet.

Today itś hard to make more test cause many people are trying the engine and you get many times


The next day Iĺl make a update about this article if I tried more on Wolfram Alpha.

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5 Responses to Wolfram Alpha is alive!

  1. Pallab says:

    Too bad Wolfram aplha didn’t fare bettter. I wish I could manage an invite somehow.
    And btw you uploaded the wrong image thumbnail for Google search Milky Way.

  2. Pallab says:

    Oops..didnt realise Wolfram alpha went public.

  3. Markus Eberius Markus Eberius says:

    thx fixed the image

  4. Superpump says:

    I happened to be doing some work-related research in Bing today and came upon your blog. I must confess that I have gotten a bit distracted going through and browsing a number of your articles… I should probably be doing work. You’ve got some good observations here, so I’m going to add you to my personal Google Reader for the future. Appreciate it!

  5. Ray Burtts says:

    Often web developers embed words in images to appear better for website readers or use Flash for animation, but this is a major impediment to serps.

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